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Why is core strength so important for mums?


In a nutshell: Pregnancy has damaged your core and left it less able to function as it should.


As mums we need a great deal of core strength to lift babies, push strollers, bend over a million times a day and simply to play with our children


If these repetitive movements are performed with a weak core it's not only back ache and leaking which are concerns but possibly a more server diastasis recti or prolapse further down the line.


As mums we have enough to worry about:

Take control of this today!


​Being a Core Confident mum will help you:


  • Learn how to re-engage sleepy core muscles

  • Regain core strength

  • Manage diastasis recti and help flatten your tummy

  • Avoid incontinence

  • Avoid pelvic organ prolapse

  • Avoid chronic lower back, hip, glut pain

  • Get back to the sport you enjoy injury and prolapse free

  • Play, bend, lift, carry, jump and run around with your kids with confidence and ease!

  • Enjoy a happier, healthier and more confident motherhood

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Empower yourself with knowledge and unique core confident exercise techniques to:

  • Improve your diastasis recti

  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor

  • Get rid of your mummy tummy!

This gold standard online course is packed with 9 modules of educational information and video tutorials, coaching calls and exercise analysis sessions, plus 6 weeks of programmed daily core strengthening workouts to leave you feeling stronger, more knowledgable and truly core confident. 

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With bespoke guidance and my full hands on support, I will help you achieve results faster.

  • No more leaking

  • No more aches and pains

  • No fear of prolapse

  • Strong core - strong body

These sessions are for mums at any stage postpartum, they are tailored to your specific requirements in core rehabilitation or future goals in sport, motherhood, body shape and confidence.

You can have the sessions tailored specifically for yourself or join with a couple of pals (max group size 4 and price is split)


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  • Core + pelvic floor rehabilitation

  • Functional core strength - group exercise courses with live and virtual access. 


  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor

  • Improve diastasis recti 

  • Strengthen + stabilise your pelvis and lower body

  • Exercise with your friends!


Both 6 - week progressive courses run weekly from Hitchin. Structure includes:  Basic core foundations, core + pelvic floor rehabilitation, core strengthening, lower body strength, pelvic stability + impact tolerance 

  • Online Core Strength + Stretch is a 40 min lunchtime pay as you go class via zoom. Classes are mat based and include exercises to strengthen the core + pelvic floor, along side dynamic mobility stretches to lengthen tight muscles. Your choice to join live or use the class recording in your own time.

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