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Core rehab is essential for all mums


This program includes 9 modules packed with information and video tutorials plus 6 weeks of daily core strengthening workouts, virtual consultations, coaching calls and exercise analysis. 


An online program with a strong emphasis on both education and exercise.

I want to empower you with the knowledge of what you are doing and why before fully strengthening your core back to its optimal function, allowing you to achieve the following:

  • Restore postpartum core and pelvic floor function

  • Improve pelvic stability - Less chance of injury

  • Reduce a diastasis recti

  • Flatten your mummy tummy

  • Reduce aches and pains in the lower back, hips and gluts

  • Manage incontinence (leaking)

  • Reduce chance of pelvic organ prolapse

  • Help you feel stronger again

  • Give you confidence to return to the sports and hobbies you love!



Complete the health screening form &

book your virtual consultation + diastasis recti and core strength analysis session


Immerse yourself in

9 chapters of proven information on diastasis recti and postnatal core function. Including video tutorials and foundation exercise practise.


6 weeks of daily core strengthening workouts designed for your individual stage of recovery + biweekly coaching calls and exercise analysis sessions.


Virtual follow up consultation + diastasis recti and core strength analysis session. 

  • How many weeks postpartum should I be to start the program?
    I’d advise you to wait until 6 weeks postpartum just because your body will still be in recovery and healing mode up until then. Ideally rehabilitation should come first before introducing any other form of exercise but it’s never too late - this program has seen great results even with clients 11 years postpartum!
  • How much is the program and when is payment taken?
    The program is £100 which includes: 9 modules of written content and video tutorials, 2 x virual consultations, virtual diastasis recti and core strength analysis assessment, 6 weeks worth of individually prescribed daily core strengthening workouts, 4 x virtual coaching and exercise analysis sessions. Payment is taken via bank transfer once you have returned the online health screening form. An appointment will be made over the next couple of days to book your virtual consultation and diastasis recti analysis (virtual) session. You will recive your 9 module education guide once payment is received.
  • How long does the program take and what does it involve?
    The program takes approximately 7 weeks but you will have the course material and workouts forever so can take your time and work at your own pace if you prefer. The format is as follows: Week 1) Complete health screening form and have your virtual consultation and diastasis recti assesment. Recieve all 9 modules of information in the education manual. Read the manual thoroughly and take the first week to practise all elements of core foundations and core connection techniques. There are plenty of video tutorials to help you. Rushing through this process can have negative consequences on your recovery so please take your time and take longer than 1 week if you need to. Weeks 2-7) This is the main core strengthening exercise section. You will be prescribed 6 weeks of almost daily 15 min core strengthening workouts for you to do. These will have been prescibed based on your initial diastasis recti and core strength analysis results plus our bi-weekly coaching calls and exercise analysis sessions (20 mins vitual) We aim for inividual prescription and progression. This is not a generic program! Ideally you workout 6 days a week as this proves better results but you are free to set your own pace if you wish to take your time. The workouts will be drip fed every 2 weeks to prevent you from rushing through the process. Week 7) Follow up consultation and assessments. This virtual session will allow you to gain full feedback and support going forwards.
  • What kind of exercises do the workouts involve?
    Each workout will include 3 phases: Deep core isolation, full core, full body and mobility. You will use unique Core Confident exercise techniques to progess from a slower (core rehabilitation) practise to more difficult (full core and full body) practise as the program progresses. The workouts are all mat based and use aspects of pilates, yoga and and full body strengthening exercises together with traditional core rehabilitaion techniques. They will leave you feeling more connected to your core, stronger and more energised!
  • Will the workouts help me lose my pregnancy weight?
    The workouts will become more challenging and dynamic as you progress through your rehabilitation which will help towards weight loss. However, the practise of core rehabilitaion itself is not geared towards weight loss, I'd advise you to partake in gentle cardio (walking, cycling) in addition to the daily workouts if you hope to lose weight at the same time.
  • If i find the program to easy or too difficult can i switch my exercise prescription?
    Yes! This program is not generic which is why it is so successful. The biweekly coaching calls and exercise analysis sessions give you a chance to feedback and me a chance to watch you perform certain exercises allowing me to make judgement too on your progression
  • Is this program suitable for everyone?
    Yes! This program will help strengthen your core and pelvic floor no matter what your circumstances (age, months/years postpartum, number of children) You will be fully screened and the initial core assessmnets are gold standard. I will refer on to a Women's Health Specialist anyone who I feel requires extra assistance.
  • Do i require any equipment for the program?
    Some of the core connection techniques in the manual and core strengthening exercises prescribed will make use of a pilates ball and theraband. This equipment will help so if you can get hold of it, perfect but is not essential. If you do not have these items I can make suggestions or alter your workouts accordingly. You will require an exercsie mat.
  • If i start the program but realise I dont have time for it what do i do?
    You will have the educational material and prescribed exercises forever so can work it to your own time frame. I do recommend you find a time when you can commit to the full 7 weeks and particularly the 6 weeks of daily strengthening though as your recovery will get better results if completed within this time frame. If you purchase the program then need to delay, you will have 6 months to use your biweekly coaching calls, exercise analysis sessions and hence your ability to progress your own practise with my help.
  • Will my gap (Diastasis) be gone by the end of the program?
    Try not to get fixated on the width of your diastasis or gap. The reasons for this will all be explained in great detail during the program. You shoud reduce the width of your diastasis but for some people it doesn't ever properly close and this is totallly fine. By the end of the program you should have a firmer and better functioning core which is by far more important than the width of your diastasis.
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