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CORE CONFIDENT will change your life! 

Helping women feel stronger and more confident throughout all stages of motherhood. Take a ra look below at some kind words from only a few strong woman we have helped through very painful and emotional situations.


Vini V

"For the past few months, I have been suffering from chronic pain in my back, knee, arm, and shoulder. My reasonably active lifestyle has become rather subdued given the new world of Work from Home!


After trying out the usual remedial measures - painkillers/anti-inflammatory medication and undergoing physiotherapy, I realized that what I really needed was to strengthen my core.


That’s when I approached Anna for private lessons to work together on building my core strength. When I started my training sessions with Anna, I was rather apprehensive as I was concerned about aggravating my travails.

Thankfully, I went through with it and I can safely say that my weekly sessions with Anna over the last few months have renewed my confidence and I feel much more fit again.


Anna, a thorough professional, is caring, patient and supportive.


She is clearly very knowledgeable and is deeply passionate about her craft!


What I admire the most about her is that she always listens to what’s happening with your body yet manages to push you further bit by bit.


Now that she is moving to other shores, I will miss our little chats and the wonderful sessions, but I feel happy that she will continue to touch many more lives with her enthusiasm and expertise!"


Melissa G

"Having birthed my 2nd child through vbac, I was so proud and on that same high, I resumed HIIT at 6 weeks postpartum.


 It came to a grinding stop as I was faced with 4cm diastasis recti and an extremely weak pelvic floor.

I signed up for a physio that came to my home but that didn't yield any results.


 I finally met Anna Kwan, 8mths postpartum. I was depressed and extremely unhappy with the state of my body.  


With just one session, I could feel my strength coming back. I didn't wet my bed that night, that week and since then, never!

I swear by Anna. She is amazing - extremely detailed and so systematic. She knows her stuff really well. She doesn't judge and cares deeply.  I am so grateful for you, Anna for lifting me up from the darkness of depression to who I am today ."


Natalie R

"I worked with Anna twice: first after having my second baby and then again after having a hysterectomy.

Both times focused on core work and safely building back strength and mobility.


Working with Anna has been really great - I felt confident in doing the exercises because I know she’s specialised in women and the specific challenges we face.


Knowing all exercises were safe, she was also able to challenge me and push me to the next level and really get the results I was hoping for!


I wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone who needs help to build their core strength and fitness, especially after childbirth or any other challenging episode. "


Silvia C

"Thank you so much for what you have done for so many of us over the last years.


You’ve helped me get back to my previous self with a strong and confident body.


My diastasis recti was so bad (around 3/4 fingers distance apart) after both of my pregnancies and due to your classes and guidance I’ve managed to get as narrow as 0.5/1 fingers.


Big thank you! You will be missed in Singapore. "


Silvia S

"I have been working out with Anna’s guidance for the past 1.5 years, both as 1:1 sessions and group classes.

I started 1 year postpartum - pretty rusty, struggling to mentally go back to the notion of exercise & of course with very weak core, and thanks to her, I am now stronger & more committed than I ever was!


She is patient and understanding, yet always managing to motivate me to push myself more & celebrating every success along the way!


What I loved about her classes was the consistency & how she gradually adjusted exercises to be more & more challenging, but never in a way that did not seem achievable.


She taught me invaluable techniques to strengthen my core, but most importantly, she helped me build my can-do mentality on fitness, which no trainer had done before! She is amazing & I already miss her :)"


Charmaine C

"Anna has been so pivotal in helping me feel more like myself after having my first baby. I was diagnosed with a 2 finger DR Gap, felt totally out of my league with how weak I had become and was really struggling mentally with ever getting back into shape.


I had totally underestimated how tough recovering from a C-section would be and just really lacked the confidence.


I am so glad to have discovered Anna's classes. Her classes have helped build my core and pelvic floor to be stronger than it was pre-pregnancy.  Her techniques have also corrected a lot of my pre-pregnancy core techniques that was just causing strain and injury to other areas of my body.  


I love how she's designed her classes for every level and the techniques she uses are sustainable without causing damage to other areas.


After attending her classes for 2 months, I'm glad to say that my gap has closed and I'm feeling more like myself again (except with an added bonus of more sustainable core work habits).


Thank you Anna for helping make my motherhood journey a positive one when I was struggling! I'm so sad that Singapore has lost a great trainer! "


Rebecca W

"Anna was an amazing help for my return to exercise postpartum, she's super knowledgeable which gave me all the reassurance I needed. She's also really lovely and supportive, which makes it all just that more enjoyable - it's great to look forward to exercise with Anna rather than dreading it!" 


Su L

"Anna has a very strong understanding on pregnancy & post partum recovery.


I have had a severe diastasis recti & Anna successfully helped me understand & guided me to be able to do the right exercises to support and get stronger.


She is patient, attentive, very reliable & takes each person cases individually. I'd highly recommend Anna as either to attend her classes or as personal 1:1 trainer. You can guarantee results at the time frame you need to recover. "

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