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To be Core Confident during the menopause transition really requires a global approach to your health. 


Declining hormone levels can have negative consequences on your long term health if you continue to nourish and move in the same way you did in your 20s and 30s.  


Reduced muscle mass, bone density, metabolism and pelvic floor strength can become issues and make us more susceptible to leaking, prolapse, fragility and weight gain, unless these issues are addressed.

Learning how to move and nourish your body to support your declining hormone levels, will help you retain muscle mass, improve mobility, manage weight gain and reduce prolapse symptoms - putting you on the path for improved long term health.

Menopause is simply a period of recalibration - a few adjustments to the way you eat and move can really set you up to be happier, stronger and more confident - a better version of yourself - as you enter the post menopausal years.

Please contact me for more information



A 6 -week comprehensive programme

This can be taken solo or with 1-2 friends for extra support!


It includes the following:

  •  Full health screening and menopause symptom checker


  • 1x 30 min virtual consultation to discuss exercise and diet history

  • 6 x 1 hr PT sessions focusing on a tailored combination of: Core & pelvic floor strength, full body mobility, flexibility, balancemuscular + bone strength, agility and coordination. 

  •  Weekly exercise programming + virtual  tutorials for self practice 


  •  1 x 45 min workshop (live or virtual) exploring the science behind and strategies to prevent menopausal weight gain, slowing metabolism and changes in body shape.


  • Weekly dietary advice, meal/snack planning, recipes and continual support.


  • Opportunity for a hormonal health consultation with top  nutritionist.  


Price: £350 for the package 

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Additional offerings

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1 hour exercise sessions tailored specifically to your needs.

Sessions can focus on: Core & pelvic floor strength, full body mobility, flexibility, balancemuscular + bone strength, agility and coordination. 

All clients will receive full health screening prior to participation.

Sessions can be taken weekly or bi-weekly.

Each session will include virtual exercise tutorials for your own practise. 

Sessions can be taken at your address (If close to Hitchin, travel costs apply for areas outside Hitchin.) Or at my residence in Ickleford.

Price: £50 per session (Option to buddy up and split the cost)

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This is a pay as you go group exercise class held outside in Ickleford

  • Thursdays 12.45 - 1.30pm 

  • Saturdays 10.30 - 11.30am


Each session includes exercises for:

  • Core and pelvic floor strength

  • Mobility and flexibility

  • Balance

  • Full body strength

  • bone loading 

  • Agility and coordination 

Please bring your own exercise mat.

Participants will be given full health screening and opportunity for virtual consultation prior to first session 

Please contact me in advance to book each class

Price: £12 per class

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