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How sucking your tummy in can make it look worse!

Tummy gripping is a habit lots of us fall in to without even noticing and unfortunately societal expectations don’t help with this

Bad habits which accentuate tummy gripping such as:

❌ Wearing overly tight jeans

❌ Sucking your tummy in an attempt to flatten it out

❌ Wearing high waisted jeans or trousers

These bad habits can actually cause us to experience more pelvic floor symptoms and worsen a diastasis

👉Tummy gripping prevents the diaphragm from working properly and makes our breathing shallower - it can increase the amount of pressure being forced downwards on the pelvic floor muscles or outwards on a weak abdominal midline

🙄 Imagine a balloon being synched at the waist….remember internal pressure will always follow the path of least resistance

👉 How do you get out of this bad habit?

✅ Make sure your jeans and trousers don’t leave a mark on your skin

✅ Try breaking free of tight clothes and let your abdominal muscles relax

✅ BREATHE - engage in a deep 360 breathing pattern (Breath in to your ribs to create movement)

✅ Enlist the help of a Core and Pelvic Floor Specialist to teach you techniques which will help ‘flatten your tummy’ without compromising your core and pelvic floor

👉 For more advise please reach out and we can arrange a consultation:

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