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Postpartum pancake bum!

Yes the pancake bum is a thing, its not just your imagination!

Pregnancy has a huge effect on your derrière. As your centre of gravity shifts, your body makes adjustments to counterbalance this - bum tucking and bum clenching become the norm.

After 9 months these bad postures become habit, especially as you’re now carrying your baby around for long periods mimicking your pregnancy posture.

Flaunting a pancake bum isn’t just a cosmetic issue:

Lengthly periods of bum clenching tires out your glutes, weakens them and makes your hip flexors take up the slack: your hip flexors get super tight and painful and your glutes get weaker and sloppier.

It also has huge implications on your pelvic floor: clenched glutes mean a clenched pelvic floor.

If your pelvic floor is in this short tightened position it’s less effective at dealing with sudden stresses such as a sneeze, a laugh or lunging forwards quickly to grab your toddler - this makes leaking and prolapse all the more likely.

Avoid these complications and help build your booty back to its former self with these easy tips:

Work on tilting your pelvis slightly forward in to neutral alignment (Ribs stacked over hips)

Stretch out tight hip flexors: balance in your body is essential for muscles to activate and function efficiently.

Lengthen your glutes as much as you can in a squat, remember not to tuck your bum under. A muscle needs to lengthen fully to enable it to contact fully.

Get moving: Being sedentary isn’t helping, walking is a great way to activate sleepy glutes

Isolate to strengthen: You’ll need to isolate the glutes first to ensure they’re firing correctly, remember they’re weak and sleepy and will stay that way until kick started!

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