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Rushing woman's syndrome and menopausal weight gain

Is Rushing Woman Syndrome preventing you losing weight?

Do you spend your days in a chaotic blur, frantically trying to tick off your to do list?

Do you find yourself multitasking in every situation?

Is your instinctive answer to ‘How are you?’ Busy or stressed?

You rarely get enough sleep, make poor food choices, rely on coffee to get you through the morning and wine to calm you down at night….?

Sounds like your guilty of Rushing Woman Syndrome…

This perennial state of tension sends your cortisol levels rocketing, making it impossible to lose weight, especially during menopause.

Reducing these chronic stress cycles is often the key to losing that stubborn weight.

My top tip: If you’re feeling like it’s all getting too much, go and walk - getting outside and walking will help burn the excess glucose (which is secreted in response to the stress) preventing it being stored as fat.

It will also calm your mind, again helping to reduce stress levels.

If you want more advise on weight management during menopause, please check out my MOVEMENT & DIET FOR MENOPAUSE program:

Anna xx

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