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Core Confident

Core & pelvic floor strengthening 

Helping women feel stronger and more confident throughout motherhood & menopause

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Hi, I'm Anna


As a mum in her mid forties, who’s successfully trained and rehabbed hundreds of women of all ages, I have first hand experience and knowledge of the varying degrees of weakness, dysfunction and fatigue that impact our bodies throughout motherhood to menopause.


If my experience over the past 2 decades has taught me anything, it is the importance of optimal core strength and function, for women of all ages.


Incontinence, prolapse, chronic lower back pain and diastasis recti can be concerns for many, especially as we approach menopause and our hormone levels decline, but I can confidently say there really are solutions!


Strengthening your deep core and pelvic floor will allow pain free movement without fear of leaking, prolapse or lower back pain.


Movement is your medicine as you enter menopause, helping you manage menopausal weight gain & changes in metabolism amongst many other menopausal symptoms. 

Let me help you maintain strength and pain free movement - I promise this will improve your quality of life and confidence as you transition through motherhood to menopause.

Core Confident

A bespoke women’s health & exercise company providing specialist exercise programmes, workshops, personal training and group courses in core & pelvic floor rehabilitation, functional core strength, diastasis recti & prolapse management and menopausal weight management.

As mums, we all need to learn how to regain optimal core and pelvic floor function. These muscles should be the powerhouse of your entire body, driving every movement, twist and turn.

As we get older and enter menopause, like all muscles - your pelvic floor  will become weaker, making prolapse and incontinence extremely common. This can really impact your quality of life & confidence, as well as your ability to move & subsequently  manage menopausal weight gain and changes in metabolism.

Let me help you move throughout motherhood to menopause, feeling stronger, confident and more like yourself!

My approach is both professional, personable and individualised. 

You can choose to work with me in person or virtually, with a friend or one on one.

I promise everyone I work with will receive my continual support throughout their journey.



Core Confident in

To be Core Confident in pregnancy means having core awareness:


Staying connected to your core throughout the day, during every breath, movement and exercise.

Click to find out why this is so important and to learn more about our prenatal offerings.


All bookings will receive our free educational guide Core Confident in pregnancy everything you need to know straight to your inbox!



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Address. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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