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10 reasons we should all be doing pelvic floor training

🔥 Your core and pelvic floor are both the centre and powerhouse of your entire body 🔥

This is why all of my programs, courses and classes are focused around core and pelvic floor strength

A strong core will:

✅ Help stabilise the pelvis

✅ Reduce back pain

✅ Improve alignment and posture

✅ Improve capacity for breathing

✅ Help strengthen the lower body

✅ Improve balance and coordination

✅ Improve bladder and bowel control

✅ Improve incontinence

✅ Improve fitness performance

✅ Reduce risk of injury & improve quality of life

I could go on…!

I think we’d all benefit from improving our core strength and this is especially important between motherhood and menopause

So please check out all of my core and pelvic floor offerings and get in contact -

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