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Do you leak urine when sneezing?

Familiar scene??

Well it shouldn’t be!!

Wetting yourself when sneezing isn’t funny, isn’t normal and shouldn’t happen, yet so many mums do it, shed a little embarrassed giggle to themselves and stroll on nonchalantly

So why is it happening??!

Basically because your pelvic floor is weak and dysfunctional, this is often the case after pregnancy and childbirth.

This means it’s ability to contract and create tension in time to support the internal pressure created by the sneeze, is somewhat lacking.

If your pelvic floor is strong and functional, like it should be, then just before you sneeze your brain will alert it to contract and create tension to stop the pressure of the sneeze bearing down on it too much.

The leaking is a problem, it may well get worse overtime and can easily result in prolapse:

So do something about it now while you still find it mildly amusing

A top tip is to practice what is called ‘the knack’ which is a well timed pelvic floor contraction, or kegel, just ahead of your sneeze.

To do this inhale first then as you exhale squeeze your back passage first then your front passage (imagine you’re stopping a fart and then stopping a wee).

It’s worth practicing. Just remember to try and time it well so your not squeezing for too long!

If you’re unsure of how to contract your pelvic floor properly, I’d always advise you seek out a pelvic floor physiotherapist for help.

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