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Is your bad posture causing core and pelvic floor issues?

Some of the more common postures we fall in to after pregnancy are:

❌Forward head

❌Clenched jaw

❌Flared out ribs

❌Hunched shoulders

❌Rounded upper back

❌Sway lower back

❌Clenched and tucked glutes

❌Pelvis pushed forwards

❌Inward facing knees

❌Outward facing feet

❌Collapsed foot arches

It’s worth checking each of these on yourself, just take a moment in front of the mirror - bad alignment or posture in any area of the body can very easily affect your core and pelvic floor function

Remember your body works as one system, every part is connected. For example, unclenching your jaw muscles can reduce neck tension - help you breathe better and make your core stronger or supporting a fallen foot arch can help you create more tension in your core muscles

Having a day to day awareness of how you’re holding your body can really make the difference with core and pelvic floor recovery after pregnancy so do yourself a favour and check in with your habits.

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