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Menopausal bone health

After age 40 and most notably around the onset of MENOPAUSE, bone mass starts to decline

One of the major causes of this is the decline in oestrogen we experience in the later stage of peri menopause

Oestrogen is important in the formation of new bone which is why bone mass decreases at this time

Why do we need to be concerned???

OSTEOPOROSIS is a major health concern as we age, it’s a skeletal disorder characterised by low bone density

There’s no screening for it, despite it causing more deaths than breast cancer - it’s a silent killer with no symptoms

Having Osteoporosis increases risk of hip fractures -75% of hip fractures are in women - the pain upon fracture causes decreased mobility, fear, increased dependence and a notably reduced quality of life

What can you do to prevent this???

Act now!!!

Weight bearing, strength and resistance exercise is great for your bones, strengthening them and slowing down mineral loss

If you’re age 40+ it’s definitely time to start incorporating this type of exercise in to your routines to help protect you for the future

If you want help with this please check out all my Peri - Postmenopausal exercise offerings including 1:1 / private group coaching and weekly group drop in classes:

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