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Movement habits can hinder your postnatal core recovery

I try to push all my clients to be consistent in their own core rehab practice: 10-15 mins daily or as frequently as possible - this does make a hell of a difference to recovery but if you’re spending the rest of the day hanging out in sloppy postures and compromising movement patterns then you’re really not doing yourself justice!


So check in with yourself and monitor how you’re moving on a daily basis….

GETTING IN & OUT OF BED: Lie on your side and use your arms to push up or down, rather than using a sit up technique

COUGHING & SNEEZING: Lean slightly forwards and engage the pelvic floor just before coughing or sneezing (C-section: apply gentle pressure to the scar to decrease pain)

PICKING UP FROM THE FLOOR: Use a deep squat technique, exhale the upward movement and try to engage your pelvic floor when exhaling

BABY WEARING: Fix your posture in to neutral (ribs over hips) before tightening the carrier so you’re more likely to maintain this posture.

BREASTFEEDING: Try side lying to give your pelvic floor and lower back a break

WALKING: Increase distance gradually so as not to fatigue your pelvic floor too much

PUSHING THE PRAM: Keep as upright as possible and avoid collapsing your weight forwards on to the pram

HOLDING A BABY: Avoid pushing your hips forward and balancing the baby on one hip. Use upper body strength and switch arms frequently.

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