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Nursing tips for core and pelvic floor health

Nursing can take its toll on your body - The constant rounding of shoulders, holding the baby in your arms, and sitting awkwardly can create strain in the body.

If you have diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues nursing can add to the strain placed upon those areas making the issues more server.

Below are a few tips to help protect your core and pelvic floor whilst you’re nursing:

  • Give your abdominal area as much space as possible - try not to round over and squash your core as this pushes pressure against those areas (abdominal midline and pelvic floor) making them weaker.

  • Try to relax your body - Holding tension in the body creates strain on a weak core and pelvic floor

  • Place rolled up towels behind your lower back to keep your pelvis neutral and minimise pressure on the abdominal wall.

  • Having an awareness of these and other postural issues during those first few months postpartum can really make a difference to your recovery speed.

  • If you want more advice on postpartum core and pelvic floor health please check out the website - Online programs, live group courses, 1:1 or small private group tuition are all available this term:

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