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Planking after babies!

Building up to a high plank is a great example of how we progressively overload the core during rehab

Front loaded positions like planks can be an issue after pregnancy as they place additional stress and pressure outwards on your abdominal wall and connective tissue

This can exacerbate a diastasis if your tissues are not yet strong enough to manage that stress and pressure pushing against them

My tips are to build up slowly - use these 4 stages of progression towards high plank

You’ll know if you’re ready to advance to the next stage if you can hold the position for at least 30 seconds and tick each of the following:

✅ Your pelvis and spine are in neutral alignment (your bum isn’t pointing to the sky)

✅ You can maintain a deep breathing pattern, drawing the core tighter with each exhale

✅ Your glutes are engaged and active

✅ Legs are strong and active

✅ Your shoulders haven’t collapsed

If you join any of my core rehab programs (Live group courses, 1:1, online program) I’ll work with you to ensure you’re executing your planks both perfectly and safely ☺️

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