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Reducing abdominal separation in pregnancy

If you’re in to your 3rd trimester, you may have been told or noticed by now that you have abdominal separation??

First and probably most importantly - don’t panic - this is a normal physiological process during this trimester: The abs need to stretch and separate to make room for your baby - something has to give and ideally it’s not your spine!

There are a few steps you can take to protect your core, which is compromised during this process - these steps will also ensure your abdominal separation doesn’t delay your postnatal recovery and subsequent return to exercise:

✅ Practice diaphragmatic 360 degree breathing to help distribute pressure in the abdomen

✅ Think about your posture - standing in neutral alignment will help reduce the stretch to the front and pulls on your back

✅ Gain awareness of your transverse abdominal muscles - how you can engage them to support your growing bump

✅ Avoid crunch style abdominal exercises which place extra pressure on the midline

If you want to learn more about any of these steps, please contact me directly.

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