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Should we be eating carbohydrates in menopause?

Is it ok to eat carbohydrates in menopause & peri menopause?


Carbohydrates will always be your main source of energy - glucose is required by every single cell, organ and health system in your body to allow it to function efficiently and effectively.

Just make sure you’re eating the right types of carbohydrates:

👉 Refined or complex carbs are large molecules which include starches and fibre, this slows down the absorption of glucose in to the blood stream -

✅ Vegetables, skin on fruits, brown rices, pulses, lentils, beans

👉 Simple carbs are small molecules which get absorbed quickly in to the bloodstream sending blood glucose levels soaring -

❌ Sweets, biscuits, processed foods, blended fruits, sweetend foods, fizzy or fruit juices

👍🏽 Eating complex carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to support a healthy menopause

👎🏼Eating simple carbohydrate will increase risk of insulin resistance, cause weight gain and worsen many menopausal symptoms - brain fog, lack of concentration, fatigue, sugar cravings, lack of energy -

Not to mention the long term health implications- type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancers

❓Did you know that the timing of your meals, what you eat first, how you combine your foods, when you exercise, how you exercise, your sleep levels and your stress levels can also play a huge part in insulin resistance, weight gain and the onset of menopausal symptoms ❓

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