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Sleep tips for Peri - Menopause

During the years leading up to menopause (peri menopause) our oestrogen levels tend to fluctuate, once we reach menopause our ovaries stop producing this hormone

Oestrogen has a huge impact on our sleep cycles - ability to get to sleep, stay asleep and sleep longer

My ability to sleep has always been awful with constant battles against insomnia - over the past few years this has been worse as my oestrogen levels are now so low

I’ve always been aware of implementing good sleep hygiene habits, I’ve had to, sleep affects me massively: My stress levels, ability to cope and function, exercise, teach, be a good mum…generally my day to day life is affected hugely by sleep

If this sounds a bit like you then I’d definitely recommend giving yourself a dose of daily morning sunlight!

It only has to be 5 mins - you don’t even need to go out for a walk or run - take your coffee outside or even open a window first thing and stick your head outside…

I’m not joking, it really helps - getting bright light in to your retina first thing will make you feel sleepier earlier in the evening 🥱🥱🥱

The years leading up to menopause are a time of recalibration for your body while it learns how to cope without the hormones it’s so used to having

It doesn’t need to be awful and turbulent - just take action and manage the symptoms it throws at you 👊

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