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Constantly sucking in the abdominals in an attempt to flatten your tummy will have a negative impact on your pelvic floor muscles.

The muscles of your abdominal wall are connected to your pelvic floor muscles, they work together so that when one group of muscles is engaged the other usually is too

If you constantly suck your tummy in this makes muscles overactive and functionally weak because they are tired

It reduces the range of movement of your diaphragm, lessening its ability to engage and lift your pelvic floor as you exhale

Tummy sucking also creates an increase in the amount of pressure pushing downwards on the

pelvic floor muscle fibres causing them to weaken

So the answer to a flatter stomach?

Learn how to activate your deep core muscles correctly then you won’t need to suck in all the time!

All group CORE & PELVIC FLOOR REHABILITATION are starting this month with a few spaces left in Ickleford and Letchworth

Private or small group tuition and the online CORE & PELVIC FLOOR REHABILITATION program are ongoing

Please contact me directly for bookings and details:

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