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Tummy coning after pregnancy?

First of all don’t panic - if you see coning along your midline as you attempt an exercise it’s nothing to freak out about!

Instead of freaking out, use it as FEEDBACK - it’s simply an indicator that your core cannot quite control the amount of pressure produced inside it via that exercise or movement

Remember pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing - we need a certain amount to stabilise the spine and pelvis as we move

It’s our ability to manage the pressure as we hold ourselves in different positions, move around, carry out day to day tasks or exercises, that matters

Remember the pressure in your system has to go somewhere - if you have a weaker midline due to diastasis then this is unfortunately the path of least resistance- the stretched and thinned out tissue of your midline will simply show this pressure or coned appearance easier

The reason why your midline is coning in certain positions is likely one of 3 things:

🚩Your inability to correctly engage your deep core muscles in that position

🚩 Your posture

🚩 Your breathing technique in that position

So instead of fearing coning, if you see it just run through this checklist:

✅ Stop

✅ Reactivate your deep core

✅ Correct your form and alignment

✅ Breathe

🚩 If the coning still hasn’t gone down then it means the exercise is too advanced for now, modify and work your way back up to it

Coning doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your core but it can weaken your abs and make a diastasis worse if you’re continually unable to manage it correctly

Awareness and knowledge is key so don’t be afraid to keep checking yourself and palpate your midline as you move

A soft cone can usually be rectified using the checklist

⭐️ If you’re still afraid or confused by what you see please reach out to me for more help:

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