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Why core rehab is important for all mums

Core rehab is an essential part of your postnatal recovery, it’s a step by step process of reconnecting your brain with your deep core muscles and then strengthening those muscles so they’re able to function as they used to do prior to your pregnancy.

We often forget about the impact pregnancy has on our insides, instead we tend to focus on what it does to the body shape - in fact a great deal of stretch occurs to the muscles and tissues that surround your growing uterus and with that stretch comes weakness.

If we don’t try to correct these muscle weaknesses then we put ourselves at greater risk of injury both on a day to day basis but especially when returning to other forms of exercise.

Back pain, leaking and abdominal separation (diastasis recti) are the most common indicators that your deep core muscles are still weaker than they should be post pregnancy - it’s never too late to rehab so please take action!

You’ll never regret feeling stronger inside and more being more capable on the outside…

For details on all of my core + pelvic floor rehabilitation programs please contact me directly:

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